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Which 2016 Title Are You Most Excited About?

Gears 4
Crackdown 3
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Uncharted 4
Zelda Wii U

Game Profile
PlayStation 2
EA Sports
GENRE: Sports
PLAYERS:   1-2
May 17, 2001
Triple Play 2002

 Written by AJ LaSaracina  on May 17, 2001

Full Review: One....Two....Triple the fun on a PS2

Well, like every year the boys of summer take the field, and compete in the fiercest battle of them all. They all want the top crown, the number one title, and Baseball game of the year. Well folks, stop the?press --?WE HAVE A WINNER! After years of problems with glitches, bugs, and boring gameplay, EA Sports has gotten it right at last.

The first thing people will notice in triple play is of course the gorgeous graphics. Hands down, TPB has the best graphics of any baseball game, on ANY system (eat that Sega). The characters are modeled beautifully, and fully animated. Every detail from the shadows cast on the field by the stadium lights, to the glossy shimmer of the player's helmets. The animation, as stated earlier, is great also. This is the only game that has fluid, realistic movements of both the pitcher and batter, creating an awe-inspiring experience. I think the thing I loved so much about this game is that it felt like I was watching a baseball game! It's so realistic that if you don't hit anything while pitching for a while, it will pan to the stands revealing people "doin' da" wave. Or you'll have a close up of maybe the pitcher, or the outfields, just creating a truly amazing, and deep experience.

Triple Play also has sound that truly blows you away. For one, the commentary that happens through the game is the best, ever. The commentary is sharp, accurate, and funny at times. One truly great feature is that you will most likely NOT hear the same commentary for alllonnnnng time. EA has done a magnificent job at making sure that audio is not repeated. Back to the feeling of watching a game, if you don't do anything for a while when pitching, the?two will start talking back and forth! My jaw dropped the first time I heard it! It was something all new to me --?to hear?two people talk AS IF they were live on a show, just chewing the fat!

The gameplay is almost perfect, however, I have two really large problems with it. The pressure sensitive throwing of the ball is a unique idea, but sometimes is flawed and doesn't go exactly as planned. The second is the long turnover time between picking up a ball and throwing it. One feature I would love to see is one similar to the "special" button found in the MLB series. This button when held down allows for the player to throw a ball from their knees when they dive for a ball, or allow them to turn quickly and hop on one leg to make the cutoff to second base. This feature, or a similar one is not present in TPB. The lack of this feature has pissed me off more than once, for a long turn over, and sometimes screwing up the stupid throw (damn pressure sensitive) make for frustrating gameplay. These two things may not bother you if you are a long TP veteran (myself, I'm an MLB kind of guy).

The lasting appeal of TPB is pretty high considering there are at least five modes of play, all of which have numerous, and endless possibilities; especially the "CREATE-A-TEAM" type mode within season-draft. I just started the Yankees of 2010 with some no names, and some rivals (I don't think New Yorkers would be too happy to learn I got rid of the rocket for Pedro). But playing a regular season is also long, and arduous, and full of hours of baseball fun. All of this will have you replaying the game for additional seasons, or a quick exhibition match.

Bottom Line
Overall, Triple Play Baseball for the PlayStation 2 is THE BEST PlayStation 2 baseball game available. Whatever you do stay away from All Star (it seams so SOULESS), and don't even look at High Heat Baseball (unless you want a game with players who look like their head was shoved inside a helmet.) All in all, it finally seems that someone listened to what a baseball fan really wants -- and I'm glad to see it's home on the PlayStation 2. PLAY BALL!!!!

User Comments

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