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 Written by Ryan Smotherman  on August 07, 2001

Top 10 Must Own Dreamcast Games: I'd have done more games, but I'm lazy.

In late January of this year Sega announced their departure from the hardware industry in favor of being a 3rd party developer. I'm sure this is old news to everybody by now, if not, then you must have been living under a rock for the past 7 months. No doubt money played the starring role in this decision, after four straight years of massive losses, and with the competition growing stronger with the imminent release of the Gamecube and Xbox, Sega knew they had to get out while they could. This was actually a very predictable turn of events, but when it was officially announced thousands of Sega fanboys' (including me) jaws dropped to the floor. Our favorite company will be moving all of their talents over to develop games for non-Sega systems, in return the Dreamcast is to be dropped like a bad habit.

With plans for the Dreamcast's price to drop to $79.99 this month and even less come this holiday season, Sega seems to be well on their way to doing away with the remaining Dreamcast systems, reportedly there is only 200,000 left worldwide. But the hardware isn't the only Dreamcast related merchandise getting a price cut; many of the games are going for insanely low prices too. For example, just recently I purchased Ultimate Fighting Championship for only $10, and if you look hard enough around the Internet and at your local stores you too are bound to find some sweet deals. So what games do you get? Luckily, I'm here to help you out a little. I'm posting what I believe to be the top 10 must own Dreamcast games, the cream of the crop if you will, so if you see any of these titles in bargain bins, be sure to pick up these classics if you haven't already. Remember fans, this is Sega's last console.

10). Virtua Tennis- Sega
Last summer Sega caught many gamers by surprise with the release of this extraordinary sports title. Not only is Virtua Tennis one of the best sports games ever produced, but it just happens to be the only decent tennis game available in the videogame market today. Combining simple controls, additive gameplay, and some intense multiplayer action, Virtua Tennis is simply one of the most entertaining experiences you'll have with any gaming console. In fact, Sega believes so much in the game that they have made it a permanent part of their Sega Sports brand, so expect yearly updates to show up on every next-gen console in the future.

9). Marvel Vs. Capcom 2- Capcom
Right here we have the greatest 2-D fighter ever; some would even call it the pinnacle of Capcom's years of dedication to the genre. Known for it's massive array of characters (over 50), insanely fast paced action, and some of the most amazing super attacks ever, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 takes the tried and true enhanced Street Fighter engine, first seen in X-Men: Children of Atom, and stretches it to the limits. Plus, it's a Dreamcast exclusive; you have no reason to pass this game up.

8). Sonic Adventure- Sega
Why did I choose the original Sonic Adventure over the newly released sequel you ask? Well, I picked it mainly because it is a milestone title for Sega, Sonic Adventure marked the triumphant return of the greatest mascot ever, Sonic the Hedgehog. The blue blur was back, and in full 3-D no doubt. O, and the game plays great too. It has it all, 6 different adventures, mind-boggling graphics, and an all around fun gaming experience.

7). Resident Evil: Code Veronica- Capcom
Sure, PS2 fans are finally getting their hands on Code Veronica, but us Dreamcast fans got it first, well over a year ago I might add. Easily ranking at the top of the Dreamcast's adventure library, this entry in the Survival Horror genre will scare the pants right off of you. It's a great combination of Capcom's Resident Evil gameplay with the power of the Dreamcast console, making for some incredibly realistic graphics and an overall freaky experience. Don't forget about a fairly lengthy adventure and a great story too, it's perfect.

6). NFL 2K1- Sega
Sports fans from around the world wondered it Sega would take the brilliance that was NFL 2K and improve apon it, or if they'd run it into the ground. Well, they got their answers last September, 2K1 took everything that made the original great and perked it up a little. It features improved graphics, a new enhanced running engine, a franchise mode, and much more. But the main selling point for Sega was the inclusion of online play, for the first time ever you get to take on opponents from around the globe while sitting in your own living room. If you've never experience its greatness be sure to pick it up, if anything it'll prepare you for 2K2 which is set to release next month.

5). Crazy Taxi- Sega
If you own a Dreamcast, then more than likely you own Crazy Taxi already. If not, then go pick this bad boy up now. You could even call a system seller for Sega, everyone's favorite arcade title blazing along on the Dreamcast without missing a beat, some new additions are even included, such as a new city and tons of mini-games. I'm probably wasting my breath?um I mean finger strength, writing about the gameplay, but here I go. Basically, you're a taxi driver who must pick up passengers and take them to their desired destination, along the way your goal is to drive as crazy as possible, in turn you'll get tips and time bonuses. Your objective is to earn the most money you can before time runs out. A couple months ago Sega released a sequel for the Dreamcast, Crazy Taxi 2, not much was added besides the inclusion of a new jump move and a new city, but I think the original is still the one you must own.

4). Jet Grind Radio- Sega
Jet Grind Radiooooooooooo!!! Here we have one of the main titles that sets the Dreamcast apart from the other gaming consoles out there, it also makes the Dreamcast worth owning all by itself. You play the role of the GG's, a gang of spray painting, roller blading pimp daddys, who must take over the city by marking their territory with graffiti. To really understand the greatness that is Jet Grind Radio, you must experience it for yourself. The gameplay isn't the only strong point in the game either, Jet Grind introduced the new nifty graphical technique of cel-shading, which will probably be the most copied technique to come around in a long time. Plus, you can't talk about this game without mentioning its killer soundtrack, this is full of some of the best gaming tunes ever. Though, Jet Grind Radio's most appealing feature is that it's the most original game to come around in a long, long time.

3). Skies of Arcadia- Sega
Best. RPG. Ever. Well, Skies of Arcadia comes very close to receiving this title, it actually kind of makes up for the lack of RPG's on the Dreamcast. Skies combines a lot of old school RPG elements, like random battles and turn-based combat, with a fresh approach on character design and the actual world itself. The visual, audio, and gameplay departments are all just about flawless, aside from a rather high random encounter rate. But the story is the main driving force here, it's just as good as anything Square has to offer, and plus it will take a while to beat (40+ hrs.), Daniel knows all about this. Anyways, you'd be a ?fool? to pass up this RPG masterpiece.

2). Shenmue- Sega
Shenmue's release last November sparked a lot of controversy, many people loved it and others couldn't stand it. Now I'll admit, Shenmue isn't for everyone, but I for one enjoyed every bit of it. Yu Suzuki's 20 million dollar project showed what the Dreamcast was capable of when utilized properly. What makes the game so great is the realization that you are the character Ryo, you control every action of his from the moment you wake up in the morning, ?till you go to bed at night. The gameplay isn't anything groundbreaking, mostly it involves a lot of talking and puzzle solving, but then again it wasn't designed to be, Shenmue was designed so that everyone of any age can enjoy it. Dazzling graphics and great voice acting completes the overall package, making for a must own gaming experience.

1). Soul Calibur- Namco
Surprised? Didn't think so. Just cause Soul Calibur launched with the Dreamcast system way back on 9/9/99 doesn't mean it's inferior in any way. It's quite the opposite really, Namco did the unthinkable and created the flawless fighting game. Balanced gameplay, mind-blowing graphics (still some of the best ever), great sounds, and tons of extra features are just a few reasons why Soul Calibur deserves the top spot honor. If you own a Dreamcast then you absolutely must have possession of this title, even if you're not a fan of the fighting genre. Soul Calibur defines the term ?must own?.

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