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Which game will you play the most in February?

The Order 1886
Majoras Mask 3D
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Game Profile
 Written by Chris Reiter  on June 01, 2004

Specials: I'm very tempted to throw numbers in random places because let's face it, Driv3r is a silly title. But 1f y0u want 2 know mor3 about it and the rest of Atari's E3 o55erings, check out the1r b00th tour.

DRIV3R (PS2, Xbox)
Following a couple years in wait, DRIV3R, the third sequel in Atari's acclaimed driving franchise, is almost finally here. Developed by Reflections Interactive, DRIV3R will put players into the shoes of Tanner, an undercover cop who also happens to be really good at driving. Taking on different missions involving schemes for getting behind the wheel of any car you want to drive in addition to on-foot, gunplay encounters, DRIV3R will pursue in the series' already established roots. What's new for DRIV3R is not only has its control system been tweaked with realistic vehicle physics, but also the graphics engine is now overhauled to be bigger and better looking than its previous iterations. Coming in June, soon you too can be the DRIV3R.

Godzilla: Save the Earth (PS2, Xbox)
King of the reptilian species, the radioactive lizard that has terrorized Japan on a number of occasions in film, is returning in another video game romp and stomp from Atari. Like last year's offering from Atari (Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee), Save the Earth will follow in the last's footsteps using action-oriented objectives with monster against monster battle royals, amongst other things. Offering more than 18 classic Godzilla friends or foes, players can become and bump heads with each in nine different modes of play. In these methods will include single player mission-based options, one-on-one versus rounds, and several mini-game veins. What'll be interesting about this new Godzilla entry is that it'll take place in both foreign and domestic cities (in such areas as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, Paris, amongst others) that will be three times the size as in last year's Godzilla release. Players will be able to cross the oceans, and tear off whole buildings, or even pick up monsters to swing them around and smash around whatever, whenever, and wherever they want to leave a mess. With up to four players too, online-enabled features will be accessible once Godzilla breaks out into the open this coming November.

Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure (PS2, Xbox)
Today, Atari gave show-goers something different to look forward to. Revealing the theme that "every revolution begins with a message," Atari introduced viewers to a CG video that lasted for about five minutes. In this short clip, what was seen was an unnamed African American male being chased around a darkened city setting. Using spray-paint as his method of dealing hurt to the mysterious guys with guns and thugs who were after him, this character was able to dodge gunfire as well as utilize the can of paint itself to act like a flamethrower through igniting the sprayed paint. While no actual gameplay footage was shown, it is known that The Collective is the development team behind this interesting upcoming title.

Shadow Ops: Red Mercury (Xbox)
Microsoft's Xbox is in many ways is like a beehive that attracts all types of shooters and people who love them. This year, the system will be getting another one from Atari and the developer who's making the game, Zombie Entertainment. Though not intended to add a whole lot of originality to aspects other First Person Shooters have missed in the past, Shadow Ops will be doing its own thing in a setup that's been proven to work in similar systems. Following the story of Frank Hayden, a man skilled in the field of war, your task is to hunt after a lethal terrorist organization hoarding a nuclear device. Players will jump right into battle from here in what you could say would be a cross of Namco's kill.switch over into a team-based First Person Shooter format. Shadow Ops is actually not going to be a squad-based shooter or any kind of third-person game. More like, the game will have computer teammates to back you up (ones who act on their own) set in a world that's reminiscent of the movie Black Hawk Down. In this game, there'll be swarms of enemies to handle coming in at all angles. Using objects as cover, to peek around the sides of and implement blindfire techniques into the mix, enemies will also end up doing the same. Not just a single player game either, Shadow Ops will feature four online modes for four players to eliminate one another inside of. These will consist of Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and VIP Escort. Only a few weeks away from release, Shadow Ops: Red Mercury looks to take its place amongst the Xbox's many shooting releases, with not so much different or better, but enough to be all it can be in the family.

Terminator 3: The Redemption (PS2, Xbox, GameCube)
I am duh Guv-un-ator! Do as I coomand, or I vill crush you like little vermin! Mine moovee Terminator 3 won me million of awards! Not officalee, but I tell movee people if not give me, I BREAK THEM in two! Now that I am Guv-un-ator, you read about mine next game and buy, or you too vill no longer do handstand vunder water uhgain! Next game have me Terminator in future and present, doing all sort of driving/shooting mission and sum on-foot shooting mission too. On foot I vill pick up mine enemy and CRUSH their little bones into pieces! I shoot too when pick up enemy, for I am the Gun-un-ator! Me also vill know how to do combo manoovers. Since I am king of Cal-ee-fornia, I ride on top many vehicles -- footuristic and regoolar! When you look at me in game, I and Kristanna Loken reproosent charoocter models. Buy game in Augest, OR I VILL FIND AND HURT YOU!

User Comments

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