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Who do you think will have the best E3 showing?


Game Profile
PlayStation 2
Atlus Software
Atlus Software
April 22, 2008
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

More in this Series
 Written by Kris Rosado  on April 21, 2008

Final Glimpse: A Final Look at the Expansion to one of the Great RPGs of 2007.

When Persona 3 first hit the U.S., Atlus was a bit hesitant about just how well the title was going to be received. It is true that the game is very niche, hell the entire Shim Megumi Tensai series of games is about as niche as it gets, but would Persona 3 make any sort of noise in marketplace where games like Halo 3 rein supreme? Turn up your headset Emo boy, your game made some noise alright, big noise. Persona 3 was branded one of the best RPGs of 2007 and to say thank you and show that Atlus is committed to bringing us niche titles as long as we remain interested, Persona 3: FES is coming stateside, this Tuesday in fact.

What makes the prospect of buying Persona 3: FES so appealing even if you already bought the original is the content stuffed into it. Not only does it explain what happens after the events of the original game, it also builds upon the mini-stories of the social links acquired through the game and even adds one more. Also, for the more otaku player, FES adds the ability to change a character's costume if their original outfit didn't uh? work for you. Finally, for the hardcore RPG enthusiast, FES will be introducing a hard mode for your eccentric level grind needs.

This time around the game will be split up into two episodes: The Answer and The Journey. The Journey is the original game with added stuff and The Answer is just as the name implies - the telling of what happens when all is said and done. The Answer adds roughly 12-15 hours of gameplay making the final total about 30 hours if you play both episodes to their fullest.

Players will take the role of the combat machine with the looks of a doll, AEGIS, as they play through The Answer. Even though AEGIS did attend school in the original game, she won't in this portion which throws out the social aspects of the game and focuses solely on dungeon crawling. Oh well, we still love you AEGIS, that is why you are the star of the final portion of the game. Other than a change of character, the feel and flow of how the main story unfolds seems to remain intact.

Final Thoughts
Feeling a little bit bitter about having to re-buy the game? You certainly have the right to feel that way, but think of it like this, you got that great art book and stellar soundtrack with the original version and now Atlus is no longer selling it. Plus, the game is retailing for $30, at least they are not charging full price for it. At least we won't have to worry about this happening when Persona 4 comes out.

User Comments

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