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Will you buy an Xbox One X on November 7?


Chris Reiter

Name's Chris. Well, actually it's Christopher. If you've been reading my stuff all this time and thought otherwise, you've been duped! Mwahahahahahaha and HA!

I'm a dedicated gamer, and I'm also a writer. I'm a Sony editor here at Gaming Target, so you'll obviously see a lot of PlayStation 2-related articles from me. Although, I do own a GameCube, Xbox, and I just recently replaced my Game Boy Advance SP with a Nintendo DS. I've got some PC games on the side too, but haven't given those much play in a while.

I'm up for getting into most any genre, although some game types I haven't been seriously involved with in years. For example, I don't buy sim-sports or 2D shooters anymore. I'm a big horror game buff. That's why I'm known as "zombie" to some people. Platform and RPGs I really like too. Mario -- he's still amazing even today.

Besides writing and playing games, I also draw stuff from time to time. In fact, the crappy image I've got next to me I made. I like how the computer is able to add colors and darker colors to drawings quickly...but drawing in Photoshop doesn't look as good as it does with a pencil and paper. Oh well.

Favorite Game(s) of All-Time: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Chrono Trigger

Favorite Platform(s) of All-Time: Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sony PlayStation

Currently Playing: Animal Crossing: Wild World and Ultimate Spider-Man

Current "2005 Game of the Year" Selections: Resident Evil 4, God of War, and Shadow of the Colosssus

Articles by Chris Reiter

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction [Final Glimpse]
PS3 09/18/07
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune [First Impressions]
PS3 09/12/07
Folklore [Hands-On Preview]
PS3 09/10/07
Jak X: Combat Racing [Review]
PS2 06/06/07
Ratchet: Deadlocked [Review]
PS2 06/01/07
Tony Hawk's Project 8 [Review]
PS3 05/23/07
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones [Review]
PS2 05/17/07
Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire [Review]
PS3 05/01/07
State of Emergency 2 [Review]
PS2 04/25/07
Meteos: Disney Magic [First Impressions]
DS 11/22/06
X-Men [Review]
PS2 11/08/06
Project H.A.M.M.E.R. [First Impressions]
Wii 11/08/06
Big Brain Academy [First Impressions]
Wii 11/07/06
WarioWare: Smooth Moves [First Impressions]
Wii 11/02/06
Super Swing Golf [First Impressions]
Wii 10/31/06
Call of Duty 3 [Final Glimpse]
Wii 10/27/06
Tingle RPG [Import Impressions]
DS 10/26/06
Warhawk [First Impressions]
PS3 10/13/06
Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam [First Impressions]
Wii 10/13/06
What About R.O.B.? [Special]
NES 10/12/06
BWii: Battalion Wars 2 [First Impressions]
Wii 10/12/06
Rayman Raving Rabbids [First Impressions]
Wii 10/11/06
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz [First Impressions]
Wii 10/10/06
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance [First Impressions]
Wii 10/06/06
God of War II [First Impressions]
PS2 10/04/06
Yoshi's Island 2 [First Impressions]
DS 09/27/06
Excite Truck [First Impressions]
Wii 09/22/06
Necro-Nesia [First Impressions]
Wii 09/19/06
Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis [Final Glimpse]
DS 09/18/06
Wii Sports [First Impressions]
Wii 09/14/06
Final Fantasy III [First Impressions]
DS 09/06/06
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass [First Impressions]
DS 09/01/06
Animal Crossing: Wild World [Review]
DS 08/30/06
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess [First Impressions]
Wii 08/22/06
Super Mario Galaxy [First Impressions]
Wii 08/04/06
Elebits [First Impressions]
Wii 07/31/06
New Super Mario Bros. [Review]
DS 07/06/06
Ultimate Spider-Man [Review]
PS2 01/10/06
Legend of Kay [Review]
PS2 12/20/05
The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction [Review]
PS2 12/15/05
Call of Cthulhu: Destiny's End [First Impressions]
PS2 12/06/05
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King [Review]
PS2 12/02/05
Lunar: Dragon Song [Review]
DS 12/01/05
Resident Evil: Deadly Silence [First Impressions]
DS 11/21/05
Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure [First Impressions]
PS2 11/15/05
Wild Arms 4 [First Impressions]
PS2 11/09/05
Shadow of the Colossus [Review]
PS2 10/31/05
PlayStation 2: Heroes, Villains, Babes, and Bad Boys - Part 2 [Specials]
PS2 10/28/05
PlayStation 2: Heroes, Villains, Babes, and Bad Boys - Part 1 [Specials]
PS2 10/27/05
Okami [First Impressions]
PS2 10/17/05
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